4.0 and Internet of things.

The world is undergoing constant transformations that somehow change the trajectory and history of humanity.

The introduction of the Internet of Things and Services into the manufacturing environment is ushering in a fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. The objective was to analyze the novelty of the theme Industry 4.0 related to IOT through a systematic review in the Web of knowledge base.

The results showed the institutions that research the theme, the researchers’ network of relationships, etc. articles in congresses and magazines.

Research has shown that the industry theme 4.0 and IOT are relatively new, only items that address the two themes.
Where 82 were printed in Annals of Congress for news and only 27 were published in periodicals, other features of the theme are recent. The largest production of articles in the year 2016 is the main language and English and the country with the largest number of publications in Germany. An emerging country is China with International Conference on Management and Information Systems the largest number of productions and the authors who produced the most.

I conclude that the theme is important, but the scientific production is still small, appearing now the articles in congresses and magazines.